On April 1, 2006, the first issue of Street Hype, a community lifestyle newspaper that aims to entertain and educate hits the street of New York.

We are about disseminating information that highlights the challenges, opportunities and successes of people.

As a policy, we will not be bias to any political or religious organizations. We will however, serve as a reliable medium for the expression of all views and opinions as permitted under the
the US constitution.

Our Mission
Street Hype entertains, educates, promotes, informs as well as highlights the news, views and activities of ordinary people, primarily in New York.

Street Hype is known as the people’s paper-always relecting the news and views of the community.
• Readership – Average 450-600,000 per issue;
• Age- 14-60 years • Caribbean Nationals; African Americans
• New York — Bronx; Brooklyn; Queens; Mount Vernon; Manhattan; Staten Island; Westchester; White Plains and  New Rochelle.

News; Opinions; Entertainment; Health Care; Legal Matters; Natural Living; Food and Nutrition; Computer Technology; Careers Opportunities; Sports; Community Events; Educational Opportunities and Money Issues.

Readership and Circulation
STREET HYPE is the trusted source of news and information for over 450,000 readers. Audience of mainly Africian Americans and Caribbean nationals who are affluent, well-educated and business professionals – a high value target to advertisers


Publisher & Editor:
Patrick Maitland

Consulting Editors:
Gloria Bent
Angella Golding
Anthony Turner


A network of over 2,000 state-wide outlets including: Banks; Post Offices; Libraries; Hospitals; Churches; Apartment Buildings; Schools; Newspaper stands, Business places in the New York metropolitan areas – Bronx; Brooklyn; Queens; Mount Vernon; Manhattan; Staten Island; Westchester; White Plains and New Rochelle. Limited distributions in Connecticut; New Jersey

Frequency of Publication: Published biweekly on Thursdays.

Mechanical Requirements:
Tabloid-sized newspapers, printed by the offset printing process, camera-ready materials utilizing screens no finer than 85 lines per inch. Film must be right reading with emulsion side down.

Deadlines for advertising:
All editorial and advertisement material must be submitted at least 5 days business days prior to deadline.

Advertising Benefits

Now is the time to partner with us to give your
advertisements that extra advantage:
• Increased coverage in the New York market.
• Unique advertising positions in a compelling advertising environment.
• A newspaper that provides an alternative to radio, magazine and outdoor advertising.
• Multimedia portfolio that fulfills your newspaper, online and magazine needs.

Street Hype Newspaper
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Mount Vernon, NY 10550
Tel: 914-663-4972-3 • Fax: 914-663-4972

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